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The Sustainable Table - Business Leaders Talk Welfare

Elissa Lane, Global Food Partners

Join Elissa Lane, the dynamic CEO of Global Food Partners, on her podcast, "The Sustainable Table - Business Leaders Talk Welfare." In this enlightening series, Elissa engages with top business leaders at the forefront of integrating animal welfare and sustainability into their corporate ethos and operations.

Each episode features a new guest sharing their personal and professional journey towards more ethical business practices. These conversations illuminate the practicalities and challenges of adopting sustainable and animal-friendly policies, revealing how these leaders are influencing positive change within their industries.

Listeners will be inspired by stories of innovation, from implementing responsible sourcing strategies to leveraging cutting-edge technologies for sustainable sourcing. The podcast highlights the business benefits of such practices and delves into their broader societal and ecological impacts.

"The Sustainable Table - Business Leaders Talk Welfare," hosted by Elissa Lane, is a must-listen for anyone interested in how contemporary businesses are navigating the path to a more sustainable and humane future.